The War Within 

The War Within (2024)

A man within whom the battle memories still resonate, and his choreographer partner meet on stage. Together they try to portray the sensations and feelings that exist within him every day for already 30 years, as well as within her since she is with him. Trying to express something, tell something, process something, heal something, resist something, feel something, aiming to give form to the unseen. Maybe, by doing so, there will be a little less war, outside and within.

Trigger warning: the show includes sensitive content and noises that may trigger stress response.


Choreographer: Iris Erez 

Performers/co-creators: Iris Erez and Elad Vazana

Music editing: Ophir Gal

Costume design: Rosie Cna’a’n 

Stage design: Yula Igra

Rehearsal manager: Ruth Valensi

External eye: Nofar Sela and Efrat Nataniel

Production: Sigal Dahan

Psychological guidance: Liat Shabtai Gal, Ifat Grinwald Cohen.

Thanks to: Noam and Zurit Malamud, Hamerchav Studio Nataf, Yoav Ilan, Guy Sherf, Sharon Ramati, Amir Ben Moshe, Soul key program, Kupa, Soli Hasid, Ruth Valensi, Nino Herman & Tzruya Lahav