It’s Not Personal (2008)

An attempt to become a contemporary image fails gradually

This work deals with the different faces that are within us and in our attempt to handle these internalized others-an attempt that makes every solo actually into a duet.

During the solo the dancer uses a little doll that acts as her ideal double, on which she can manifest her internal images. As a distorted paraphrase on Oscar Wilde’s story “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, the doll stays sweet and innocent while the dancer pass through life itself.

Choreography and performance: Iris Erez

Music: Uffie&feads, Felix Da Housecat

Music editing: Matan Zamir

Costume: Inbal Lieblich & Iris Erez

Light design: Uri Rubinstein

The solo was premeired at Zirat Machol Festival 2008, Hazira Habintchumit, Jerusalem, Israel.

From the press:

“Iris Erez, a dancer with a fascinating presence…tries to peel herself from any fake masks. She uses mimics that become themselves a choreography. (Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz)

Technichal details:

Duration: 12 minutes

Number of performers: 1

Minimal stage size: 5 width 6 depth

Special needs: a back wall and a white linuleum