Homework: Exercising Wombhood (2021)

A digital piece made in collaboration with Marjani Forte Saunders

Presented and Commissioned by White Bird.

Multiply, bodytalks, looking for synchronicity, ferocity, and trust. A Cross-Atlantic Virtual Women Duet.

Choreography Dance and talkings: Marjani Forte Saunders & Iris Erez

Music by:
Nina Simone “Feeling” Live
Marjani’s Solo is accompanied with spoken text is a weave of poems essays by profound womb-holding literary scholars, poets, and liberationists:
Nikki Giovanni/Why We Need Poetry
Toni Morrison/Beloved
Suheir Hammad/Poems of war, peace, women, and power
Nayirrah Waheed/Salt
and notes from Marjani
Iris’s solo is accomapanied with a spoken text  written by her and inspired by Haviva Pedaya text: “also and (Stutter)”
Videographer for Marjani’s Videos: Meena Murugesan
Videographer for Iris’s Video: Yaniv Linton
Editor: Tantyana Tenenbaum
Special Thanks to:
Our Ancestors and Our Children for their loving patience and direction
7NMS Studios- Saturn Movement Lab
Merchavnataf- a place for movement
Gabri Christa, Sigal Dahan, Meena Murugesan, Kimberley Richards ph.d., Jawole Zollar, Everett Saunders, MK Abadoo, Ruth Valensi, Tatyana Tenenbaum, Khamille Joy Tyler
Thank you for your guidance, support, scholarship, and deep listening in the crafting of this work. Thank you for your partnership and our community.

Nina Simone for your courageous life, your ministry, and your commitment to freedom, justice, and humanity. 


Co-Production of MASH Dance House, Jerusalem.
This work is made possible in part through the support of the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco and
the Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York.

Additional Support by Ellen Lippman and Steve Rosenberg.