Missing Faces 

MISSING FACES (Digital Version) (2020)

Based on the site-specific work”self ritual’ we try to reengage self-images that once were made as an honor for the great and now are the base for communication through social medias. Especially nowadays, during the Covid- 19 era, we are communicating through digital media based on headshots only (equivalent to the ancient busts). Disruptions happen often, separating sound form image, deteriorating our sense of wholeness. Hybrid situations cause time lapses. Within this reality we are asking what is happening to our sense of being and our longing for eternity and how does it affect our relationships and our human communication?

The piece premiered as part of the Mash Dance week 2020


Choreography: Iris Erez

Dancers Co creators:: Michal Arad, Ruth Valensi, Iris Erez,
Sound: Gai Sherf
Lighting: Noa Elran
Camrea:Yaniv Linton

Costume Design: Rosie Canaan

Production: Sigal Dahan

Thanks  Yagur Gotin and Lotem Rosen for their generosity.

Many thanks for Elad Vazana Yaniv Mintzer & Eran Melkman for the amazing support

Thanks for the “Merchav” for being a home for us. and thanks so much Mash for letting us fly