Adi Boutrous - Dancer

Born in Beer Sheva in 1989. Lives and works in Tel Aviv as a Dancer/Independent Choreographer. Originally Started his way in gymnastics and BreakDance, Later on he went to complete his formal dance training at “Maspa – Matte Asher School for performing arts” in ”Kibbutz Gaaton”. And soon continued at the ’Maslool' – Dance Professional Training Program in Tel-Aviv. Currently collaborating with Iris Erez , Hillel Kogan, Dana Ruttenberg, Noa Shador, Rachael Ardos and Bosmat Nussan. His works includes: Homeland lesson (TLV Dance Festival 2014) ,What really makes me mad (Shades Of Dance Festival 2013), Are you talking to me ? (mahol aher 2012). His work 'what really makes me mad' won 1st prize at the Gvanim Bemahol (Shades Of Dance) Festival. In 2012 Adi awarded in art studies scholarship support to students from the periphery, the Ministry of Culture

Ayala Frenkel - Dancer

Born in 1986. works as an independent dancer. Participating in Iris Erez new piece "Ill be right back". collaborated with many different independent choreographers, such as: Tamar Borer (Israel, 2014, 2011), Bosmat Nossan (Israel, 2014), Anna Rotlisberger (2013, 2012), Dana Ruttenberg (Israel 2012), Yossi Berg and Oded Graf (Israel, 2011). participated in "Kamuyot" Project, a collaboration between Bat-Sheva Dance Company and The Riksteatern, (Sweden-Israel, 2009-10).  Studied dance at haifa dance school  (2005-2008). The former Israeli champion in Ballroom and Latin American Dance. graduated Ilan Lev Metod studies (2011). Currently a student of Philosophy and Art at the Open Univesity. BMC student, with Michal Shachak, at "Body-Lab".

Anat Asody - Producer

Born in 1985 and raised in Tel Aviv. Graduated  Ironi Alef high school for arts in theater studies .Guided tours at  SPNI, The Western Wall Heritage Foundation and the Israel Nature and Park Authority. Studied at Hakvuza- school of contemporary dance ,Bikurey H'itim- interdisciplinary art center and the Visual Theater school.
Graduated Vertigo dance program. B. DANCE at the Jerusalem Dance and Music Academy,  majored In Choreography.
Dance teacher and Pilates instructor. Married to Opher and mother to Nevo.

Avi Dabach -  Director & Video Artist

Born in 1972, Jerusalem. Graduate with distinction of the Sam Spiegel Film School, Jerusalem, 2002.  Graduate of the Los Angeles – Tel Aviv master workshop.  Produced and directed over 20 short films and videos. Produced and directed the documentary "The Last Zionist", premiered at the Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem 2011.


Daniel Landau - Media Artist co-creator

Daniel Landau is an artist, educator and media researcher. He is head of the Art & Media studies at the Midrasha Faculty of the Arts, Beit Berel Academic college.  He completed his second degree in new-media and music-composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Netherlands where he lived and worked for more than a decade. Daniel’s work typically uses multi-layered processes of research, documentation and mediamatic exploration – investigating the interchangeable qualities between documentary and fiction. His interest in narrative-mechanisms is essential to his examination of time, identity and social-political realities. His work has been presented in major venues, museums and festivals worldwide among others: Jerusalem, New-York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Mexico City.
Daniel recently co-founded the ‘Information & Mind’ Think & Do tank – a multidisciplinary organisation working to investigate Human Agency in The Information Age. Daniel is also a research fellow in the Advanced Virtuality Lab at the IDC School of Communications, Hertselia.


Gili Godiano- Object Constructor

Gili (1970) is a set designer and builder, graduated from the School of Vis-ual Theater in Jerusalem. For the last ten years, lives in Tel Aviv and works in different theater and television productions as well as with independent artists.

Inbal Lieblich - Costume Designer

Born in Israel, 1978. Interdisciplinary designer currently situated in Denmark. She began her professional education in interior design at a private studio run by two architects where I gained vocational experience. Pursuing her desire for professional design and research. Graduated the Shenkar College of Art, Design, and Engineering with a B.Des.  interned at Adidas (Germany) and WGSN (UK). Since then she has been working as a freelance designer in Tel-Aviv, designing costumes and sets for renowned choreographers, acclaimed theatre directors, and visual artists. She has also created unique window displays for chain, boutique stores and run a private clothing label called & Me based on customizing recycled clothes. The brand name derives from the idea of “cooperating” with established labels. The original label is not removed but displayed alongside my own embroidered signature. She graduated a master program from CIID in Interaction design, Copenhagen (M.A), Her final thesis Book&ME won a prize for startups, sponsored by the ministry of business, and currently being developed. She also collaborate with the danish choreographer Tina Trapgaard since 2012.

Lee Meir - Dancer

 Lee Meir  (IL/DE 1984) is a choreographer,  performer and costume designer. Her works have been presented in venues such as: Tanz im August (Berlin), Tanzquartier  (Vienna), Brighton Festival, and Pavillon Noir (Aix-en-Provence). In September 2011, Lee"´s soloTranslation Included, was awarded 1st prize at the Israeli Biennale for young choreographers, at the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance, Tel-Aviv. Between 2006 and 2009, Lee worked with Clipa Theatre, Israel's leading visual theatre group, as performer and costume designer.  During this period she also worked with various independent choreographers and directors in Tel-Aviv. In 2013, Lee completed Choreography studies at HZT, Inter University Centre for Dance, Berlin. Lee approaches choreography as space that continually redefines itself through a live body in action. She focuses on notions of paradox, friction and multi-modal tensions and explores the usage of multi-tasking as a basic means of generating her work. Her research field derives from text, voice and movement; by treating relations between verbal language and physicality, she examines the emergence and transformation of meaning. Lee´s work is driven the by curiosity for contradictory meeting points, uncanny juxtapositions and fusions between different extremes which co-exist at the same time, within the same body. Lee has recently premiered the piece if it's fun, a collaboration with the performer Maya Weinberg, in January in Berlin, as part of Tanztage 2014. She is currently working with various dance and theater makers such as artistwin Deufert & Plischke, Otso Huopaniemi, Costa Compangie and Joana Von Mayer Trindade.

Matan Daskal - Dancer

Was born in 1988. Graduate of the High School of Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the "Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music". Studied one year composition in ESMUC academy, Barcelona, in the class of Christophe Havel and today continues his composition studies in the High Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Danced in the Bat-Sheva dance company for 4 years with Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal, 2 years in Yasmeen Godder's dance group, with Osnat Kelner and Einat Ganzt. Composed music to 3 dance pieces of Ella Rothschild, to Osnat Kelner, Tom Weinberger and Bobbi Jene Smith. Winner of 3 "Keren Sharet" scholarships and one of the establishers of "Castle in Time Orchestra". From 2012 until today dances in "homesick" by Iris Erez.

Maya Weinberg - Dancer and Tour Manager

An Israeli choreographer, dancer and a teacher for Improvisation and release technique based in Berlin since 2013.  She worked as a dancer with Yasmeen Godder Company for 8 years and was a teacher at Godder`s school, as well as in other schools and academies such as The School of of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and HZT- Berlin . Since 2008, Maya has created various works by commission from dance and performance-art festivals, often collaborating and performing with dance, video-art and performance artists. Among her pieces 'Trained' (with Keren Ida Nathan), 'Homonimy', 'My True Self' (for Fattoria Vittadini Dance Company),'Some fish swim up the river to die' . In January 2014 she premiered 'if it's fun' in Tanztage Festival (Sophiensaele, Berlin) in collaboration with Lee Meir. The piece was performed as well at Diver Festival 2014, Tel Aviv. Her Latest creation, 'While House' , a collaboration with 'The Instrument' (Maya M, Carroll and Roi Carroll) was premiering at Curtain Up festival 2014 in the Suzanne Dellal Center for dance, Tel–Aviv and in Ausland Berlin. In the last two years she is collaborating with the director Sebastian Blasuis in his latest works: 'Erasing Cafe M.' , 'Keep Quiet'. In 2015 she will collaborate with Antje Velsinger in her work 'Haus, kein Haus', a production of the K3, Hamburg. Maya's works raises basic questions about the medium of performance while offering unexpected ways of dealing with the tragic-comic gap that exists betweens language and unexpressed intentions.  


Noa Elran –Light and Object Designer

Noa (1980) is an inter-disciplinary designer and artist, working on the seam between the stage and the gallery. Noa graduated in 2009 the School of Visual Theatre and is now working on her Master at Tel Aviv University in The Laboratory Program of Research and Practice in Theatre and Perfor-mance. Noa designed light at the Israel Museum, at the Ven-ice Biennale and at the Train Theatre in Jerusalem and has been working with the Ruth Kanner theatre group in the last years.


Ophir Gal-Musician and Sound Design

Owner and founder of Sofa Sound studio, is a Composer and sound designer with a long and wide experience in the field of musical production, music for TV and Media and in sound editing.

Being a performing vocalist and a player of many instruments, creating with live music, even when budget is low, is one of his principles.

Ophir Is dealing with a wide variety of musical styles, as every film or media requires it’s specific pace and atmosphere, but he also composes Music for Dance, Video art or just music for the sake of music.

In Ophir's resume are hundreds of music scores and soundtracks for animations, documentaries, commercials, songs, musical productions, and experimental compositions.

Among Ophir's costumers and broadcasters are: BabyTV, BabyFirstTV, Hop Channel Israel, Nick-Jr, IKEA, DSW-shoes, HIT Entertainment (Through cooperation with Smartoonz), Israel government publishing office (LAPAM), Amdocs, Alvarion, ISrael Channel 8, Yuval&Merav Nathan, and more.

Rosalind Noctor - Costume Designer

Rosalind came to costume design through working as a professional dancer. Having always made 'things', she has been designing and making costume for performance since 2007. She has studied costume related courses at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion but is originally self- taught. She currently sights herself as a freelance designer / dancer / maker and also sells handmade clothes under her synonym, RHEN. She works between Tel Aviv and London.

Tami Lebovits  - Dancer & Costume Designer

Tami Lebovits, Born in 1983. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.  Graduated the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem in 2007. Between the years 2009-2012 she was a student and one of the initiators of the Choreography program Kelim, conducted by Anat Danieli. In 2006 Tami received the America-Israel award for her Choreographic work Taninim.  Tami is currently working on a new creation, titled This is Europe. In 2012 she collaborated with Asaf Aharonson in the creation of   God is Measuring the World with a Compass, a visual biography with associative stage happenings. This work premiered in the Machol Shalem Festival Jerusalem.   In 2011 Tami created Lessons in Binding and Government for the New Dance festival in Jerusalem. This Duet dealt with the notions of Linguistic knowledge and corporal knowledge.  Tami is collaborating with several artists in the fields of Dance and Performance.   She is a co-creator in the piece Repetitions of Parts of Me by Anat Danieli. This piece was created in the Museum of Bat-Yam and is currently performing in the Tel Aviv Museum.  In 2010 Tami took part in the creation of Homesick by Iris Erez, premiered in the Curtain Up festival. From 2007 Tami is part of Ensemble 209 under the direction of Tamar Raban. She is participating in the works Old Wive's Tales (2006) by Tamar Raban and Guy Gutman, Amplifier (2008), Remix: House of Bernarda Alba (2010) by Guy Gutman. Tami is also a costume designer, between the works she designed costumes for:    First Body Many, by Iris Erez (2013)Bus Stop, the Visual Theater Ensemble (2011)Small Vacation, directed by Nava Frenkel, Aco festival (2008) Two girls burst into tears, by Shani Tamari, (2008)

Tamar Lamm - Dancer & Photographer

Was born in Israel in 1972.Started dancing when she was15 years old .In 1992 she moved to N.Y to study film at the School of Visual Arts. While living there she continued her dance education with Zvi Gothainer and became a professional dancer. She danced with the "Erick Hawkins Dance Company" among others. In 1996 she moved to Paris and worked with David Kern , the "Francois Raffinot Dance company" and "Natasha Kantor theatre group". In late 1998 she returned to Israel and started working with Yasmeen Godder. In 2000 she became a photographer and has been documenting dance  works .In 2012 she began dancing again , working with different creators such as Tamar Borer , Iris Erez,  Anat Grigorio and Ari Teperberg.


Vivi Ben Ezra-Costume Design

While studying Philosophy and History of Art at the University, Vivi realized she wanted to bring her youth passion, hobby – creating clothes – into professional maturity. This is how, in 2002, Enki by V.V. was born. Her first collection was presented at the Designer's Fare in Tel Aviv. Then in 2003 Vivi opened her studio and boutique in Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv, where many of the city's fabric dealers display their inspiring goods. Lately Vivi has started to make another dream come true: designing outfits for theater and dance productions and she loves it.

Yaniv Mintzer - Musician and Performer

 Musician, dancer and therapist. Studied at Rimon school of music graduate(2001),Berklee college of music degree graduate(2005), studies of dance and contact improvisation, with leading teachers in the U.S, at the Earthdance center in massachusettes(2004-2005). Since returning to israel has worked with leading choreographers, to name a few- Anata Danieli, Ilanint Tadmor, Shlomit fundaminsky, Iris Erez. Also created live music for improvisational works and theatre. Co-founder of Oktet improv ensemble. Teaches Contact improvisation in Israel and internationally.  Practitioner of the Ilan Lev method.