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    In the Covid era, we’ve become accustomed to communicating through digital media based on images of heads and faces with a likeness to ancient busts. Disruptions happen often, separating sound from image, deteriorating our sense of wholeness. Hybrid situations cause time lapses. Within this reality, we ask what is happening to our sense of being and our longing for eternity? How does it affect our relationships and our human communication?

    Choreography: Iris Erez
    Dancers/Co-creators: Michal Arad, Ruth Valensi, Iris Erez
    Music: Gai Sherf
    Light Design and Artistic advice: Noa Elran
    Costume Design: Rosie Canaan
    Production: Sigal Dahan

    The digital version of the piece premiered as an original production at Machol Shalem Dance Week 2020

    Thanks to Maya Weinberg, Anat Shamgar, Eran Melkman, Elad Vazana and Merchav Kaden.

  2. Homework: Exercising Wombhood

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    A digital piece made in collaboration with Marjani Forte Saunders

    Presented and Commissioned by White Bird.

    Multiply, bodytalks, looking for synchronicity, ferocity, and trust. A Cross-Atlantic Virtual Women Duet.

    Choreography Dance and talkings: Marjani Forte Saunders & Iris Erez

    Music by:
    Nina Simone “Feeling” Live
    Marjani’s Solo is accompanied with spoken text is a weave of poems essays by profound womb-holding literary scholars, poets, and liberationists:
    Nikki Giovanni/Why We Need Poetry
    Toni Morrison/Beloved
    Suheir Hammad/Poems of war, peace, women, and power
    Nayirrah Waheed/Salt
    and notes from Marjani
    Iris’s solo is accomapanied with a spoken text  written by her and inspired by Haviva Pedaya text: “also and (Stutter)”
    Videographer for Marjani’s Videos: Meena Murugesan
    Videographer for Iris’s Video: Yaniv Linton
    Editor: Tantyana Tenenbaum
    Special Thanks to:
    Our Ancestors and Our Children for their loving patience and direction
    7NMS Studios- Saturn Movement Lab
    Merchavnataf- a place for movement
    Gabri Christa, Sigal Dahan, Meena Murugesan, Kimberley Richards ph.d., Jawole Zollar, Everett Saunders, MK Abadoo, Ruth Valensi, Tatyana Tenenbaum, Khamille Joy Tyler
    Thank you for your guidance, support, scholarship, and deep listening in the crafting of this work. Thank you for your partnership and our community.

    Nina Simone for your courageous life, your ministry, and your commitment to freedom, justice, and humanity. 


    Co-Production of MASH Dance House, Jerusalem.
    This work is made possible in part through the support of the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco and
    the Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York.

    Additional Support by Ellen Lippman and Steve Rosenberg.

  3. MISSING FACES (Digital Version)

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    Based on the site-specific work”self ritual’ we try to reengage self-images that once were made as an honor for the great and now are the base for communication through social medias. Especially nowadays, during the Covid- 19 era, we are communicating through digital media based on headshots only (equivalent to the ancient busts). Disruptions happen often, separating sound form image, deteriorating our sense of wholeness. Hybrid situations cause time lapses. Within this reality we are asking what is happening to our sense of being and our longing for eternity and how does it affect our relationships and our human communication?

    The piece premiered as part of the Mash Dance week 2020


    Choreography: Iris Erez

    Dancers Co creators:: Michal Arad, Ruth Valensi, Iris Erez,
    Sound: Gai Sherf
    Lighting: Noa Elran
    Camrea:Yaniv Linton

    Costume Design: Rosie Canaan

    Production: Sigal Dahan

    Thanks  Yagur Gotin and Lotem Rosen for their generosity.

    Many thanks for Elad Vazana Yaniv Mintzer & Eran Melkman for the amazing support

    Thanks for the “Merchav” for being a home for us. and thanks so much Mash for letting us fly

  4. MASS

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    By Iris Erez

    Dancers co creators: Or Ashkenazy, Dor Frank, Maya Tamir, Matan Daskal, Zuki Ringart

    Dramaturgy and artistic advise: Sharon Zuckermn Wiser

    Music: Kim Taitelbaum in  collaboration with Yaniv Sheinfeld

    Costumes design ViVi Ben Ezra-Enki By ViVi

    Light Design Rotem Elroy

    Stage Manager Daniele Shoofra

    Sound advise Oren Cohen

    Soundman Orgad Marziano

    Production Sigal Dahan

    The piece had the honour to have a residency at Kelim Center for choreography and the support of the Lottery Culture and Art comeetee for the year 2018

  5. The Makers

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    In this project Iris is aiming to search the option of dancing the space, making the actual body vibrate its surrounding, becoming an environmental body. In doing so to question our ability to resist our environment, surrender to it and change it. What is between utopia and dystopia in the actual dancing body? In the gap between the will to move “out of here” and the will to move “from here” maybe lies the possibility to create a change (in Hebrew: “to dance a change”) in a deep sense.
    Choreography: Iris Erez
    Performers: Maya Tamir, Or Ashkenazy, Zuki Ringheart, Gal Gurfong, Kim Taitelbaum, Tamar Kisch,Yuval Gal, Yarin Yossef, Mica Kupfer, Shira Marek, Sivan Sheltzer, Matan Taufik, Dina Meir, Lihi vegemister, Tama Castel, Yael Idan, Tamar Binyamini, Yair Barabash, Hagar Dromi, Noga Alper, Lital Ozanovich, Idit Maimon, Roni Kagan, Roni Ben Hemo, Sharon Barbakov, Shahar Goldberg, Yael, Amit.
    Music: The Knife/Local artists
    Music Director: Matan Daskal
    The work premiered at the Bat Yam International Festival of Street, Theater and Art 2018 and in collaboration with Heaven and Earth Festival 2018
    It is part of the residency program of Tights: Dance & Thought residency program and Kelim Center Residency program 2018.
  6. Solo for Carla

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    The aging female body owning itself in front of the audience, who constantly tries to hide, first by hiding aging, then the woman, and then the body.

    In the work we will try to give back the aging body the words taken from her—the place, the volume, the beauty, and to touch the mysteries of constant change.


    Choreography: Iris Erez

    Performer and co creator: Carla Mann

    Music: Chava Alberstein, The Pixies, Mount Eerie

    The work premiered at the Between heaven and earth festival 2018 with coproduction of Reed college, Portland, Oregon.



  7. Self Ritual

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    A process of self exploration that revisits faces from the past in an effort to understand the never ending human need for self immortalization.

    Choreography & Performance : Iris Erez

    Objects and Dramaturgy: Noa Elran

    Music: Shocking Blue/ Venus

    The work premiered at the Israel museum on December 2017 as part of the event “Present Progressive” .

    Duration: 30 min





  8. First Body Many

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    In an undisciplined reality, two women explore the possibilities of constant change and plurality in their bodies; through the use of both empathy and alienation, they try to neutralize existing processes and touch the possibility of singularity.

    Choreography: Iris Erez

    Performers: Iris Erez/Sharon Zukerman Weiser and Tamar Lamm

    Artistic advice: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser

    Sound: Karni Postel and Tom Darom

    Music: Sinead O’connor

    Costume Design: Tami Lebovits

    Light Design: Omer Shizaf

    The piece was created in cooperation with Inbal Aloni

    Premiered at the international dance week Produced by Machol Shalem, Jerusalem, 2013

    “Iris Erez brings to her work the same sincerity and no beautifying aggressiveness that  she got from Yasmeen Godder, but creates her own style that I would describe as wild, kicking, unraveled….

    Lam and Erez are great dancers. Their movement seems at the same time loose but also violent…The disharmony, the primal listening to the body, the supposedly lack of interest in what is designed creates an interesting whole…the directed unraveled quality is its beauty.”  (Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz, 12.2.2014)

    “First Body Many…deals with femininity in times of change. From watching it arises a feeling of intimacy and extreme exposure….”(shir hacham, 20.1.14)

  9. Local/not easy

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    How does space construct the active body in it?

    As one who moved from the city to the village, from the beach to the mountain, from the bubble to the borderline, from singlehood to motherhood – I wish to discover how does space influence me and how does it make me who I am.

    What is in between geography, demography topography and the private body?

    Is one indeed nothing but “the imprint of his native landscape”? As Shaul Tchernichovsky’s poem suggests.


    Choreography and Performance: Iris Erez

    Dramaturgy: Sharon Zuckerman Weizer

    Light and Object Design: Noa Elran

    Object production: Gili Gudiano-Matilda Studio

    Sound  Design: Ophir Gal-Sofa Sound

    The song performed by Maya Belzitsman & Matan Efrat with the courtesy of Lilian Shutz

    Costume: Vivi Ben Ezra-Enki by Vivi

    Production: Sigal Dahan

    Thanks to Noam Malamud, Ella Ben Zvi, Efrat Nataniel, Academy of Music & Dance Jerusalem, Amnon &ahuva Erez, Pnina Vazana, Ram Gabay, Elad Vazana

    premiered at the Diver Festival 2016

    From the Press

    “It is one of her best works in which the show comes together in an open and graceful manner, which are translated physically into maturity and independence that move her choreography forward.” Ora Brafman, Dancetalk

    “Local /Not easy by Iris Erez: It has a magnetizing effect….very direct, very Israeli” (Ruth Eshel, Haaretz)

  10. I’ll be right back

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    In an age where the private and the public are entangled and the self is in search of endless representations, the body is on the threshold of disappearance. Within landscapes of disembodiment a man and a woman examine the possibility of intimacy and the ability of the body to remain present.

    I’ll be right back trailer תכף אשוב from iriserez on Vimeo.

    Choreography: Iris Erez

    In collaboration with the media artist : Daniel Landau

    Dancers Co Creators: Ofir Yudlevitch, Ayala Frenkel

    Artistic Adviser & Rehearsal Manager: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser

    Music: Goldbergs variations/ Johan Sebastian Bach played by Glenn Gould, Princes(Feat.Tinchy Stryder)/ Gang
    Gang Dance
    Light Design:Omer Sheizaf
    Costume Design: Rosalind Noctor

    Code:Dan Stavy

    Photographer: Gadi Dagon

    Production:Anat Asody
    Coproduction: Center Choreographique National de Rillieux-la-Pape under the artistic direction of Yuval Pick
    The work premiered at the Curtain Up Festival 2014 under the Artistic Direction of Itzik Giuli

    The creation enjoyed the support of the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts

    From the press

    ” I’ll Be Right Back, choreographed by Iris Erez, and performed by Ayala Frenkel and Ofir Yudilevitch is a funny, tender work that examines myriad relationships.
    In movement and text, Ofir and Ayala both deliver a compelling performance that instantly draws one in, together and apart they are wonderful to watch…a diverse and imaginative array of bodies coming together in different combinations of connection and mis-connection conveys the complexities of relationships in a way that is at once very entertaining, yet nuanced and replete with associations.” (Ayelet Dekel, Midnight east)