First Body Many (2013)

In an undisciplined reality, two women explore the possibilities of constant change and plurality in their bodies; through the use of both empathy and alienation, they try to neutralize existing processes and touch the possibility of singularity.

Choreography: Iris Erez

Performers: Iris Erez/Sharon Zukerman Weiser and Tamar Lamm

Artistic advice: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser

Sound: Karni Postel and Tom Darom

Music: Sinead O'connor

Costume Design: Tami Lebovits

Light Design: Omer Shizaf

The piece was created in cooperation with Inbal Aloni

Premiered at the international dance week Produced by Machol Shalem, Jerusalem, 2013

"Iris Erez brings to her work the same sincerity and no beautifying aggressiveness that  she got from Yasmeen Godder, but creates her own style that I would describe as wild, kicking, unraveled….

Lam and Erez are great dancers. Their movement seems at the same time loose but also violent…The disharmony, the primal listening to the body, the supposedly lack of interest in what is designed creates an interesting whole…the directed unraveled quality is its beauty."  (Ruth Eshel, Ha'aretz, 12.2.2014)

"First Body Many…deals with femininity in times of change. From watching it arises a feeling of intimacy and extreme exposure…."(shir hacham, 20.1.14)