Temporary (2007)

 A dancer in her own space trying to capture time through the paradox of destruction and production that her body holds.

Mundane clothes become metaphorical references ranging from body parts to memories, and raising questions about femininity, performance, exposure, and our ability to say something meaningful.

Choreography: Iris Erez

Performance: Iris Erez/ Maya Weinberg

Music: Hanayo, Vanessa Paradis

Music Editing: Jeremy Berenheim & Yaniv Mintzer

The piece was premiered at the Operastate Festival 2007, Bassano, Italy.

Photography: Itay Marom, Bart Grietens

"To her solo "temporary" she brings the unique contradiction of a fragile but powerfull character.… strong and moving solo…an amazing performer." (Shelly Kling, Globes)

""Temporary" is a personal and intense solo that deals with the questions: what is it to be a dancer? What does it mean to perform? And what are the audiences expectations from the performer?

Erez is an artist that insists to keep herself very exposed. She moves between the clothes that are spread on the floor with a hopeless urgency, hitting herself till we can almost hear the sound of a person breaking."(Anat Zacharia, Ma'ariv)

Intimate and choral, brave and fragile, intriguing and fierce.From the high-impact entry, hidden by a pile of clothes that hardly carries on the scene, until the last perforating glance, Iris Erez conquers with her performances, emblematic of the effects generated by the opposites and the fractures of our contemporaneity.

The different parts of the body become other 'self', multiple identites who fight and become harmonized in a frantic energy between provocation and discomfort – sexual, psychological – highlighting trough the body all the internal contradictions, in addition to the 'temporaneity' of each state." (Simona Kappellini, Krapp's last post)