Manual: users guide (2008)

Two women trying to break the mechanism of habitual behavior and to meet one another, and a singer that echoes pieces of memories, experiences and thoughts about the possibility of meeting the other in a space that is neither virtual nor real.

Choreography: Iris Erez

Dancers: Alex Shmurak, Iris Erez

Singer: Edit Zamir

Music: Gorecki, Throbbing Gristle, Concrete Diving, Karni Postel

Music Editing: Orpaz Agranov

Costume: Eran Shani and Inbal Lieblich

Light Designer: Neta Koren & Omer Sheizaf

The piece was created for Opera Fringe and Center 2008, Yafo, Israel under the artistic direction of Itzik Giuli


"In "manual" an exhausted dancer comes into the stage and tries to revive something. Another dancer joins her. She is innocent, young and mechanic. The older one makes her go through the catastrophe of desire. It seems like both of them represent an internal struggle of the same diva…."(the quartet members, NRG)