Public Intimacy (2014)

In a world in which smartphones and tablets evade all communication, where the outer world evades daily, with no restrictions, our homey space, and the public spheres, from the bus to facebook, are mixed with the private lives of the others we need to rexamine the relationship between the 2 spheres. How we communicate intimacy? what is intimacy? Are we haunted by technology or does it open new ways of conciousness and reciprocity. In an outdoor performance we will try to touch some of this questions through our body, the square and the audience.

Performers co-creators: Francesco Collavino, Marco D'Agostin, Valentina Dal Mas, Amanda Kmett' Pendry, Francesca Lastella, Camilla Parini, Rafal Pierzyn'ski, Sabrina Rigoni, Barbara Stimoli.

Music: Paulo Piaser  , The Knife

Photographer: Davide Bazzerla

The work was created and premiered during the college danza in Biennale danza Venezia 2014.