Ayala Frenkel - Dancer

Born in 1986. works as an independent dancer. Participating in Iris Erez new piece “Ill be right back”. collaborated with many different independent choreographers, such as: Tamar Borer (Israel, 2014, 2011), Bosmat Nossan (Israel, 2014), Anna Rotlisberger (2013, 2012), Dana Ruttenberg (Israel 2012), Yossi Berg and Oded Graf (Israel, 2011). participated in “Kamuyot” Project, a collaboration between Bat-Sheva Dance Company and The Riksteatern, (Sweden-Israel, 2009-10).  Studied dance at haifa dance school  (2005-2008). The former Israeli champion in Ballroom and Latin American Dance. graduated Ilan Lev Metod studies (2011). Currently a student of Philosophy and Art at the Open Univesity. BMC student, with Michal Shachak, at “Body-Lab”.