Maya Weinberg - Dancer and Tour Manager

An Israeli choreographer, dancer and a teacher for Improvisation and release technique based in Berlin since 2013.  She worked as a dancer with Yasmeen Godder Company for 8 years and was a teacher at Godder`s school, as well as in other schools and academies such as The School of of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and HZT- Berlin . Since 2008, Maya has created various works by commission from dance and performance-art festivals, often collaborating and performing with dance, video-art and performance artists. Among her pieces ‘Trained’ (with Keren Ida Nathan), ‘Homonimy’, ‘My True Self’ (for Fattoria Vittadini Dance Company),’Some fish swim up the river to die’ . In January 2014 she premiered ‘if it’s fun’ in Tanztage Festival (Sophiensaele, Berlin) in collaboration with Lee Meir. The piece was performed as well at Diver Festival 2014, Tel Aviv. Her Latest creation, ‘While House’ , a collaboration with ‘The Instrument’ (Maya M, Carroll and Roi Carroll) was premiering at Curtain Up festival 2014 in the Suzanne Dellal Center for dance, Tel–Aviv and in Ausland Berlin. In the last two years she is collaborating with the director Sebastian Blasuis in his latest works: ‘Erasing Cafe M.’ , ‘Keep Quiet’. In 2015 she will collaborate with Antje Velsinger in her work ‘Haus, kein Haus’, a production of the K3, Hamburg. Maya’s works raises basic questions about the medium of performance while offering unexpected ways of dealing with the tragic-comic gap that exists betweens language and unexpressed intentions.