Ophir Gal-Musician and Sound Design

Owner and founder of Sofa Sound studio, is a Composer and sound designer with a long and wide experience in the field of musical production, music for TV and Media and in sound editing.

Being a performing vocalist and a player of many instruments, creating with live music, even when budget is low, is one of his principles.

Ophir Is dealing with a wide variety of musical styles, as every film or media requires it’s specific pace and atmosphere, but he also composes Music for Dance, Video art or just music for the sake of music.

In Ophir’s resume are hundreds of music scores and soundtracks for animations, documentaries, commercials, songs, musical productions, and experimental compositions.

Among Ophir’s costumers and broadcasters are: BabyTV, BabyFirstTV, Hop Channel Israel, Nick-Jr, IKEA, DSW-shoes, HIT Entertainment (Through cooperation with Smartoonz), Israel government publishing office (LAPAM), Amdocs, Alvarion, ISrael Channel 8, Yuval&Merav Nathan, and more.