Tamar Lamm - Dancer & Photographer

Was born in Israel in 1972.Started dancing when she was15 years old .In 1992 she moved to N.Y to study film at the School of Visual Arts. While living there she continued her dance education with Zvi Gothainer and became a professional dancer. She danced with the “Erick Hawkins Dance Company” among others. In 1996 she moved to Paris and worked with David Kern , the “Francois Raffinot Dance company” and “Natasha Kantor theatre group”. In late 1998 she returned to Israel and started working with Yasmeen Godder. In 2000 she became a photographer and has been documenting dance  works .In 2012 she began dancing again , working with different creators such as Tamar Borer , Iris Erez,  Anat Grigorio and Ari Teperberg.